How do you charter a yacht?

How do you charter a yacht?

A sailing vacation provides plenty of time to explore new islands, relax on beautiful beaches and snorkel in tropical seas while spending quality time with your family and friends. Combining adventure with relaxation, it’s a great way to spend your much-needed vacation.

How do you charter a yacht?


1. Decide where you want to charter

We offer the widest choice of destinations, in fact all over the world, including the Caribbean, Bahamas, Indian Ocean, Pacific, Asia, the High North and the Mediterranean to name a few.

We choose our bases carefully and we work every day to secure that the partner fleets are as good as they has to be to your vacation.

We try to find bases that are close to major international hubs and also with friendly welcoming base teams that can organize transfers for you.

How do you charter a yacht?

2. Decide which yacht charter type is right for you

If you are wondering how to charter a yacht, you also need to decide which charter type is right for you. We offer bareboat yacht charters, skippered charters and luxury charters.

Bareboat yacht charter.

If you have sailing or boating experience, you can hire a yacht and sail or motor yourself with our bareboat yacht charter possibilities. Unsure if you have the right sailing qualifications? Contact us to be sure.

Skippered yacht charter.

If you want to experience a sailing vacation and can’t really sail or motor, it’s likely you’re questioning how to rent a yacht. All you need to do is to hire a skipper to take care of the boat for you with our skippered yacht charters. No sailing experience is needed. The skipper will take care of your yacht, look after your safety, track the weather and advise you on your route.

Luxury Crewed charter

It's the easiest, most fun and most luxurious way to enjoy a sailing holiday. Crewed yacht charter means that you hire the yacht, but included in the hire is the crew required to sail the yacht as well as prepare gourmet meals during the holiday. Let our experienced, courteous and highly skilled crew take care of everything for you – you'll enjoy the ultimate freedom to relax, unwind and celebrate your holiday!

Our highly experienced skippers know the best places to explore, from hidden coves and gorgeous deserted beaches to epic dive sites with marine life to the best dining and entertainment spots on land. You will visit attractions and see sights that other travelers can only dream of while experiencing the highest standard of luxury and personal care available.
Our hostesses and hosts ensure that all provisions are purchased, prepare gourmet meals, serve snacks and drinks throughout the voyage, and ensure that everything you need to enjoy your luxury crewed charter is readily at hand. For guests with children, they can also occasionally babysit, so that parents can enjoy a private dinner ashore.

We only have a proven crew, selected from the best available on the market. Prices vary depending on where you travel, so contact Holiday Yacht Charter so we can help you choose our best partners.

How do you charter a yacht?

3. Find your type of yacht

When searching for your yacht, the following points in our how do you charter a yacht guide are important to consider. Our boats are priced according to their age, features, destination, and season you are sailing. Any questions - then please contact us.

How do you charter a yacht?

4. Plan your additional needs

When deciding how to charter a yacht for vacation, remember that there are many things you can do to make your time away even more memorable:

Talk to us about water toys.

Skipper: If you can’t sail or want a break from sailing, add a skipper who can share their local knowledge and sail the boat for you

Chef: If you don’t want to cook, you can add a chef to celebrate a special occasion or sample authentic local cuisine

How do you charter a yacht?

5. Design your perfect Itinerary

Get some inspiration from our Destination Pages.

Agree with your guests how you want to spend your time. Do you want to be sailing, relaxing and swimming at anchor or exploring on land? Plan your stops where you want to dine out or shop at local markets. Agree in advance the must-see highlights. You can then maximize your time at anchor and on land with your itinerary. Think about whether you need to use marinas. If you need to use marinas, plan early morning arrivals to ensure you get a berth. Or book them in advance.

There are plenty of apps that can help you plan your sailing. Ask at the check-out base or the Holiday Yacht Charter Team. Now you know exactly how to charter a yacht with us, it’s time to turn that dream into a reality! If you have any questions, please contact our team for more sailing vacation inspirations.

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