Step by step Booking.

  • Click on the Holiday Yacht Charter logo in the top left corner of the page you are looking at.
  • Find the white main search picture on the front page by scrolling “down”.
  • Choose your preferred Destination
  • Continue with Charter dates for your Holiday. You can rent a minimum 1 week, from Saturday to next Saturday in Europe. But many weeks if wanted.
  • Fill in also Charter Type and Cabins if you know that already now.
  • Click the red button SEARCH
  • Your search results will appear.
  • Several yachts will be shown to you.
  • You can select FILTERS to select the search even more clearly
  • Choose the yacht you find interesting by clicking on either the Yachts name or the green button DETAILS.
  • On the yacht page you can choose extra SERVICES and ADDITIONAL EXTRAS in addition to get a lot more information.
  • Then you can choose to click on SEND INQUIRY to Holiday Yacht Charter. You will then get an offer back pr email, with more information based on your request.
  • Or you can click on BOOK NOW to book the yacht now. Not all yachts have this opportunity, most of the yachts can only be booked by a SEND INQUIRY process. By choosing the BOOK NOW option we immediately create a booking in our systems with a booking number. You will within not more than 24 hours, on workdays, receive an email with a contract and payment details.

The checkout process can vary depending on the specific yacht charter search engine, but generally it involves the following next steps:

  • You review the total cost of the charter, including any additional fees or taxes.
  • Confirm and pay: Confirm the booking and pay for the charter using an accepted payment method.
  • Receive confirmation: Receive confirmation of the booking, including the details of the charter and any instructions for next steps such as contact the charter company or make a security deposit.
  • Provide contact and personal information to Holiday Yacht Charter: Provide contact and personal information, such as names on travelers, email address, and phone numbers.
  • In addition, when booking a charter, user should be aware of the deposit policy and cancellation policy of the charter company. Some companies may require a non-refundable deposit at the time of booking, while others may allow for a full refund if the charter is cancelled far enough in advance.