Sailors of the Heart

Many of us in Pollen Maritime AS have spent large parts of our lives at sea. We have felt the weather and wind on our bodies and know the challenges that come with sailing in unknown waters and traveling to new places. This experience has shaped us and made us into the professional sailors we once were, and who now run Pollen Maritime AS. Our close relationship with the sea has always been a driving force behind our adventures, and we sincerely believe that the sea can teach us valuable lessons about freedom, togetherness and respect for nature.

Desire to travel drives the company

The desire to travel is our fuel. We are passionate about exploring the world, and through Holiday Yacht Charter we have made it our mission to share our passion for the sea with others. Holiday Yacht Charter's voyages can take you to remote islands, historic towns, and beautiful natural landscapes. Our focus is always the same: to create lifelong memories and to enrich our travelers' lives through unique experiences.

Welcome to our fairytale kingdom, where the sea and people meet for discovery and joy. Welcome to Holiday Yacht Charter owned by Pollen Maritime AS, where journeys turn into unforgettable adventures.

Our environmental commitment

Holiday Yacht Charter supports the UN Clean Seas initiative for many important reasons. As a prominent player in the luxury yachting industry, we understand the depth of our ecological responsibility and the importance of preserving our world's oceans. The UN Clean Seas campaign is a critical step towards reducing plastic pollution and preserving the integrity of the marine ecosystem.

Our customers enjoy wonderful voyages across the world's oceans and we are determined to ensure that these beautiful destinations remain untouched for future generations. We have therefore introduced strict environmental standards for our yachts and encourage our guests to be aware of their environmental choices during the voyages.

By supporting UN Clean Seas, we are helping to spread awareness of the ecological challenges our oceans face. We participate in clean-up campaigns and encourage to minimize plastic use on board. Our goal is to inspire others in the industry and show that luxury and environmental awareness can go hand in hand. Together, we can ensure a sustainable future for our oceans, which benefits the entire planet.